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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is a global clothing and lifestyle brand with a deep­ rooted heritage in shirt-making.  The brand was founded in Brighton in 1963 by Arthur Sugarman, who changed his name to Ben Sherman.

Ben Sherman has become a symbol of sharp British style and is recognized across the globe.  At its heart is the iconic button down shirt, but over the decades it has developed in to a full lifestyle brand of various product categories.  The brand represents attitude, self-respect, and modernism.

Ben Sherman was an entrepreneur, a maverick and a visionary.  He took his love of fabric and colour and introduced it to the button down shirt that he had discovered while living in America. The rest of Ben Sherman’s story is carved into British clothing history.

Over the brand’s 50 year history it has evolved through many phases, from being a clothing staple of the Mod movement and the uniform of 2-Tone and Ska to a cornerstone garment of the Britpop era.  Today, it is worn by celebrities and rock stars and attracts a new, younger consumer without losing its older die-hard fans.

The brand is present worldwide and is heavily focused on building a meaningful relationship with its global fan base through social media, the World Wide Web, and its retail channels. It aims to be not only a place to buy modern and relevant product steeped in history, but a place to interact, be informed, and be inspired.

Heritage Travelware is the sole licensee for Ben Sherman travel goods & travel accessories.  Ben Sherman has over 50 years of unique history with a global brand appeal that endures to the present day.  Heritage Travelware strongly believes in the Ben Sherman brand and proudly designs, manufactures, and distributes Ben Sherman travel goods & travel accessories for wholesale in North America and for our international distributors.

For additional information about the brand, or if you would like to wholesale purchase Ben Sherman travel goods & travel accessories from Heritage or one of our international distributors, please contact our customer service department at info@herit.com or 800-634-2538.