Our Brands


“The World By Your Side”

Heritage product was first launched in 1983.  Heritage prides itself on quality product at a reasonable price.  We stride towards reliable product for a reason: It doesn’t matter whether you’re headed to the office or the airport, when you’re on the move you pack with purpose.  We don’t fill our briefcases and suitcases with every little thing.  We pack the essentials, the favorites, the things most important to the journey we’re about to embark on.  Which is why it’s all the more important to ensure they’ll be safeguarded by reliable product like our Heritage product.

The Heritage logo is bold and sophisticated, giving a nod to Heritage’s history and the spirit of the brand.  The logo mark, an arrow inspired by a compass rose, communicates the universal functionality of Heritage’s products: Exploration.  Our colors are inspired by the paths that explorers tread on their journeys: moss green, burnt orange clay, brown earth, and ocean blue.

For additional information about the Heritage brand, or if you would like to wholesale purchase Heritage branded travel goods from Heritage Travelware or one of our International distributors, please contact our customer service department at info@herit.com or 800-634-2538.

Heritage Core Values:

  • Customer Focus – When our clients succeed, so do we. We will work hard to earn their trust every day and become an extension of their business.
  • Adaptable – We adjust our product to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.
  • Humility – We are constantly asking ourselves, “How can we do this better?” We understand that questioning the status quo can’t lead you anywhere but forward.
  • Respect – We honor the ideas and viewpoints of each other, our partners and our clients. We value others by considering their opinions and treating them with patience and sensitivity.
  • Passionate – We lead by example and with enthusiasm. We inspire each other to meet and exceed client expectations every day.
  • Working Together – Our greatest strength lies in the power of our team. We listen carefully and actively seek out the ideas and input of each other.

Excellence Every Day – We are experts who are committed to the highest standards of quality in everything we do and never settle for doing less than what is possible.